Better Markdown editing for Sublime Text 2

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Markdown plugin for Sublime Text. Provides a decent Markdown color scheme (light and dark) with more robust syntax highlighting and useful Markdown editing features for Sublime Text. 3 flavors are supported: Standard Markdown, GitHub flavored Markdown, MultiMarkdown.


Dark and yellow theme available.



Keymap for Windows and Linux. Most of them are similar with the keymap on Mac OS X.

Footnote commands submitted by J. Nicholas Geist and originated at geekabouttown

GFM Spesific Features

Underscores in words doesn't mess with bold or italic style:


Fenced code blocks gets syntax highlighting inside:


Keyboard shortcuts gets highlighted like in GitHub:


Strikethrough is supported:



Fix Underlined Markdown Headers



Note: Sublime text has a native tiny package for Markdown. However, when MarkdownEditing is enabled, native package causes some conflicts. For this reason, MarkdownEditing will automatically disable it. Since it doesn't bring anything new over MarkdownEditing, this is not a loss. But remember, when you disable MarkdownEditing, you have to reenable the native one manually (if you want).

Package Control

The preferred method of installation is via Sublime Package Control.

  1. Install Sublime Package Control
  2. From inside Sublime Text 2, open Package Control's Command Pallet: CTRL SHIFT P (Windows, Linux) or CMD SHIFT P on Mac.
  3. Type install package and hit Return. A list of available packages will be displayed.
  4. Type MarkdownEditing and hit Return. The package will be downloaded to the appropriate directory.
  5. Restart Sublime Text 2 to complete installation. Open a Markdown file and this custom theme. The features listed above should now be available.

Manual Installation

  1. Download or clone this repository to a directory MarkdownEditing in the Sublime Text 2 Packages directory for your platform:
    • Mac: git clone ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/MarkdownEditing
    • Windows: git clone %APPDATA%\Sublime/ Text/ 2/\MarkdownEditing
    • Linux: git clone ~/.Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/MarkdownEditing
  2. Restart Sublime Text 2 to complete installation. Open a Markdown file and this custom theme. The features listed above should now be available.


The plugin contains 3 different Markdown flavors: Standard Markdown, GitHub flavored Markdown, MultiMarkdown. Default is GitHub flavored Markdown. If you want to set another one as default, open a Markdown file and select your flavor from the menu: View > Syntax > Open all with current extension as. You're done.

You may want to have a look at the default settings files. They are located at:

Packages/MarkdownEditing/Markdown.sublime-settings [GitHub flavored Markdown]
Packages/MarkdownEditing/Markdown (Standard).sublime-settings

Bold and italic markers are configurable through ST shell variables. You can use Preferences > Package Settings > Markdown Editing menu to see the default settings file. In order to override it, copy & paste its content into the user settings file (Bold and Italic Markers.tmPreferences) from the menu and make your edits. It is pretty straightforward.

In order to activate the dark or the yellow theme, put one of these lines to your user settings file of the flavor:

"color_scheme": "Packages/MarkdownEditing/MarkdownEditor-Dark.tmTheme",
"color_scheme": "Packages/MarkdownEditing/MarkdownEditor-Yellow.tmTheme",

If you want to go with your already existing theme, you can reenable it with the same method as dark theme. Keep in mind that, that theme may not cover all the parts of the Markdown syntax that this plugin defines.


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This plugin contains portions of code from Knockdown. MarkdownEditing was originally created by Brett Terpstra and has become a community project with the goal of consolidating the best features from the varied collection of Markdown packages for Sublime Text. Current development is headed up by Ali Ayas.

Footnote commands were submitted by J. Nicholas Geist and originated at geekabouttown.


MarkdownEditing is released under the MIT License.