Default MarkdownEditing related configuration is located in Preferences.sublime-settings as of version 3.0.0 to take full advantage of settings file loading hierarchies.

It means you can specify

All MarkdownEditing related settings are prefixed with mde..

Migration Note

You may need or want to clean up existing syntax specific settings.

MarkdownEditing no longer modifies visual settings such as caret width or line paddings.

Change Configuration

Configuration can be modified via main menu and Command Palette. Using the following commands displays default MarkdownEditing settings on the left and your user preferences on the right.

Package Recommendation

PackageDev may assist you by providing auto-completion for known preferences.

Change Color Scheme

You can use your global color scheme or one of those shipped with MarkdownEditing for working in Markdown. To change color scheme:

  1. Open Command Palette (Ctrl + Shift + P for Windows/Linux, Cmd + Shift + P for Mac OS)
  2. Search for MarkdownEditing: Select Color Scheme and hit Enter.
  3. Choose color scheme and press Enter.

Additional Color Schemes:

Custom Color Schemes

MarkdownEditing lists all color schemes named like MarkdownEditor-<The Name>.sublime-color-scheme, no matter which package they are placed in.

Assigning Syntax

The following file extensions are assigned with Markdown by default: *.md, *.mdown, *.markdn, *.markdown. If you want to prevent any of these extensions to be opened as Markdown or assign them another Markdown flavour:

  1. Click on the language menu at bottom right of statusbar
  2. Select Open all with current extension as
  3. Choose your preferred syntax for that extension

or use main menu View > Syntax > Open all with current extension as.

Markdown Preview

MarkdownEditing doesn't provide functions to preview or convert markdown to HTML. Automatic preview can be achieved with both of:

  1. Markdown Preview
  2. Livereload

Install them if you haven't. Then

  1. Open Command Palette (Ctrl + Shift + P for Windows/Linux, Cmd + Shift + P for Mac OS)
  2. Search for LiveReload: Enable/Disable Plugins
  3. Enable Simple Reload.
  4. Open Command Palette again
  5. Search for Markdown Preview: Preview in Browser