3.0.0 Migration Guide

Preferences need manual update

MarkdownEditing stores settings in Preferences.sublime-settings as of version 3.0.0.

The reasons/benefits are:

  1. All settings can be set globally, per project, per syntax or per view.
  2. It is easier to add syntax specific settings than to override them.
  3. ST's distraction free mode already provides a good writer mode out of the box.

This change however requires some manual work to...

  1. clean up syntax specific user overrides for those who tried to eliminate MarkdownEditing's visual changes.
  2. restore syntax specific settings for those who want them back.

To clean up or restore syntax specific settings...

  1. Open a Markdown file
  2. Open Command Palette ctrl+shift+p
  3. Execute Preferences: Settings - Syntax Specific
  4. Do required changes to your needs.
    a) To clean up, remove no longer needed overrides.
    b) To restore, paste desired settings from following code block.
    "color_scheme": "MarkdownEditor.sublime-color-scheme",
    "tab_size": 4,
    "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
    "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": false,
    "auto_match_enabled": true,
    // Layout
    "draw_centered": true,
    "word_wrap": true,
    "wrap_width": 80,
    "rulers": [],
    // Line
    "line_numbers": false,
    "highlight_line": false,
    "line_padding_top": 2,
    "line_padding_bottom": 2,
    // Caret
    "caret_style": "wide",
    "caret_extra_top": 3,
    "caret_extra_bottom": 3,

Custom key bindings need manual update

Macro calls and key binding contexts have been changed heavily.

Commands have been renamed in order to avoid possible conflicts with other packages. Others have been split to follow naming scheme of ST's built-in commands (e.g. indent/unindent commands).

Hints about required or optional arguments may be found in MarkdownEditing/Default (...).sublime-keymap.

old names new names
- mde_change_headings_level
- mde_fold_links
- mde_match_heading_hashes
- mde_toggle_centered_line
- mde_toggle_task_list_item
- mde_unindent_list_item
complete_underlined_header mde_complete_underlined_headings
convert_inline_link_to_reference mde_convert_inline_link_to_reference
convert_inline_links_to_references mde_convert_inline_links_to_references
convert_to_atx mde_convert_underlined_headings_to_atx
deindent_quote mde_unindent_quote
fix_all_underlined_headers mde_fix_underlined_headings
fold_all_sections mde_fold_all_sections
fold_section mde_fold_section
gather_missing_footnotes mde_gather_missing_footnotes
gather_missing_link_markers mde_gather_missing_link_markers
goto_next_heading mde_goto_next_heading
goto_previous_heading mde_goto_previous_heading
indent_list_item mde_indent_list_item
indent_list_multiitem (use mde_indent_list_item instead)
indent_quote mde_indent_quote
list_back_links mde_list_back_links
magic_footnotes mde_magic_footnotes
make_page_reference mde_make_page_reference
markdown_lint mde_markdown_lint
markdown_lint_mdl mde_markdown_lint_mdl
mde_color_activate mde_select_color_scheme
number_list mde_number_list
number_list_reference mde_add_numbered_reference_definition
open_home_page mde_open_home_page
open_journal mde_open_journal
open_page mde_open_page
reference_delete_reference mde_reference_delete_reference
reference_jump mde_reference_jump
reference_new_footnote mde_reference_new_footnote
reference_new_image mde_reference_new_image
reference_new_inline_image mde_reference_new_inline_image
reference_new_inline_link mde_reference_new_inline_link
reference_new_reference mde_reference_new_reference
reference_organize mde_reference_organize
show_fold_all_sections mde_show_fold_all_sections
switch_list_bullet_type mde_switch_list_bullet_type
unfold_all_sections mde_unfold_all_sections

Error loading syntax file


Error loading syntax file "Packages/Markdown/Markdown.sublime-syntax": Unable to open Packages/Markdown/Markdown.sublime-syntax

MarkdownEditing does its best to reassign syntax of open files after installation or during upgrade.

However open markdown files at install time may cause this issue. You have to manually change their syntax to your newly installed Markdown syntax then.


The default Markdown package shipped with Sublime Text is disabled automatically as it causes some conflicts. You may need to enable it manually after disabling or uninstalling MarkdownEditing.

Roll back to an older version

When you notice any undesired behaviour introduced by the latest update, your feedback is always welcome at issue page. However before it's fixed, you can rollback to an earlier version. Find the desired version and download the zip file, then follow manual installation guide

Known Bugs